hi my name is shonna but u can call me dez. i mainly post qotsa stuff but sometimes some nirvana, foo fighters, anything brody dalle, or hole. i love josh homme so much that it's a problem.

this isn't my main account, it's dumpster-babe!!

trashbag-babe asked: Dude come back to my house. IM SO BOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEDDDDDD

jessie i would cut off my big toe to go back to your house omfg

Random Joshuas in I Got A Feeling (Just Nineteen)

"im gonna be productive today!!!!!"

*watches several hour long qotsa concerts*



u guys I just hit 100 followers!! thank you for enjoying the idiot that is Michael Shuman

i love shitty lighting it makes taking selfies so much easier

where’s your proof

where’s your proof


Shonna and I have been friends since we were in diapers…. So basically we’ve been friends since Highschool